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Because “safety” is such a big deal in the working environment, per-selection tests is a key factor before appointing operators – this is where the Dover- Vienna test comes to work, thus enabling the employer to test competency before employing them, saving money and possible human error or even fatal accidents.

Psycho-motor assessments is conducted to measure the fundamental underlying abilities of drivers and operators for the purpose of determining at what level candidates are capable of performing in the workplace.

The Dover \ Vienna test is a culture-free and fair method used to access the skills and competencies required of operators in the underground (mechanized and unconventional), and surface mining environments.

While safety, performance and state of readiness are applied in the routine vehicle checks, they should also feature heavily in the selection of drivers. This is especially so, as many of problems are often ascribed to human error or human performance.

The human element can be qualified by measurement of correct actions, reactions, behavioral patterns and thoughts or attitudes.

This system element is used as a competency measurement tool to enhance operator/driver safety performance and productivity, with the Dover Systems numerous tests are compiled into a battery to more accurately assess all the necessary skills.

The candidate’s hand-eye co-ordination, auditory discrimination, sustainability of concentration despite overwhelming environmental factors as well as visual perception are among other assessed in order to determine the driver’s ability to operate a vehicle.

The performance level is tested against time constraints as a stress factor. The candidate who is unable to cope under stress – or even recover thereafter – often becomes a danger to himself as well as others. The cost implications are also directly related.

Dover equipment Computer – aided testing is presented to the candidate as a screen based – based task, using only a dedicated response panel and screen. No prior computer exposure is therefore required. The operator is instructed on the use of the necessary input devices, during the practice phase of the tests. Responses to the test items are scored and reported to ensure objectivity and reliability.





Provides in-house testing facilities

User friendly, no computer knowledge is required

Provides instantaneous profile of availability of skills required

Other areas covered:

The system was designed to be instrumental in promoting safety, productivity and cost related benefits by identifying the most suitable candidates for training. The high cost of training without results equates to high down time and production loss. The system is compatible with competence based training and has a large, worldwide acceptance.

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